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In school

I wrote this in school today.

I'm really confused right now. I like 4 people and I think 3 of them like me back, so I'm not sure what I want to do. Two people are Internet related, and the other 2 people go to my school. The Internet ones I can easily avoid, well almost. One of them has and calls my cellphoone number, so unless I turn it off forever, I won't "get rid" of her so quickly. The other doesn't talk to me regularly. The two that I know IRL go to my school with me. Both of them like me. Well, the girl does, but the boy has the potential of liking me but probably doesn't cause I told him I don't like him more than a friend, which is true because I can't see him anything more than that, I just like his company. He has some of the qualities that I wish the girl had. But anyway, so I don't know what to do really.

I like the girl and she likes me but when we talk/see each other @ school she doesn't acknowledge me. I do that to people too because I'm afraid of talking to them (if I like them).

Anyway, I really want to date the girl but I'm not sure if anything would change between me and her besides holding hands in the hallways. Cause we don't talk much when we see each other in school, like I said before. And I think that if I asked her to go out, we'd be bored with each other because we're so similar.

So.. any suggestions on what I should do? I need help here.

Please comment.
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